Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Artificial insemination for dogs is an established and successful method of canine breeding. At Cavan Fertility Clinic, to guarantee a breeding dogs welfare, we offer safe, professional and thoroughly mapped out canine artificial insemination procedures. There are two critical benefits to artificial insemination for dogs: the reduced risk of disease, and the elimination of trauma caused by transporting dogs and the physical mating itself.

The Process

The crucial factor in any successful canine artificial insemination procedure is meticulous preparation, including pre-examination of the dog. If the bitch has experienced difficulty conceiving previously or has any other health concerns, a pre-examination will determine the best course of action.

Progesterone Testing and Sperm Analysis

Progesterone testing is also another pivotal aspect of the process. Using our AIA 360 machine, we can discover when the progesterone levels increase, allowing us to pinpoint ovulation and the ideal insemination opportunity. Sperm analysis helps to identify the concentration and viability of the semen and its compatibility for your dog. Through microscopic examination we can screen all sperm for viruses to ensure safe and successful breeding.

Pregnancy scans

Between days 28 and 35 after canine artificial insemination has occurred, we can assess potential issues such as puppy absorption through pregnancy scans and evaluate the best delivery method for the dam’s health and the litter.

Professional and expert artificial insemination for dogs

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering safe breeding practices for dogs assuring that the animal’s well-being is the only priority. With precise planning and ongoing support for the owner and dog, we can ensure that our dedication will result in the very best care for your dog.