How canine artificial insemination reduces anxiety for dogs

For dogs and owners, finding a perfect stud for your dog can be time-consuming, stressful and ultimately unsuccessful, but there is a better way. Canine artificial insemination represents a hygienic, safe and less angst-ridden process for both dog and owner. It reduces several stress points that we’ll discuss below.

Canine artificial insemination eliminates the need to travel

Finding the right stud is a tiresome process, and even when you do, there might be large distances of travel involved. For any dog, extensive travel is not ideal, but even more so with one due to meet an unknown dog with which to mate. With canine artificial insemination, semen is easily and quickly transportable once collected, reducing unnecessary stress.

Artificial insemination overcomes issues around temperament and physicality

If you have a maiden who is shy or a domineering bitch that can quickly become frustrated with a stud dog, artificial insemination is probably the best option for breeding. It means nervous, naturally large or physically impaired stud dogs can continue within the breeding process too. Ultimately, for tense, injured or temperamental dogs, artificial insemination provides the best chance of conception.

It relies on good ovulation testing

It is widely established that canine artificial insemination delivers better conception rates than traditional mating. The reason behind this success is the detailed and thorough progesterone testing performed on the bitch. Using state of the art technology, the results of progesterone tests can be ready in twenty minutes and indicate the optimum timeframe for insemination.

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